Our college has established extensive international cooperation and exchange with more than 20 famous foreign universities and institutes covered 10 countries, including Nottingham University UK, Tsukuba University Japan, University Arizona USA, University Oxford UK, etc. The international exchange activities are various from academic exchange and joint programs to international conferences. From 2011 to 2014, the college has sent 110 teachers, 160 postgraduates and 21 undergraduates to go abroad to study, communicate, visit and attend conference. The multi-direction and high-level exchanges help students with international perspective and lay the foundation for talent introduction.

International Scholars

For the last four years, the college has invited more than 100 foreign experts to come to visit or to give lectures, and has employed 9 guesting professors from United Kingdom, the United States and Japan. Among them, one professor received Friend Award from Chinese government, two received Changbai MountainFriendship Award -- the top prize for international exchange of Jilin government, five achieved the Advanced Foreign Experts’ Program of State Foreign Expert Bureau. Furthermore, seven professors from international famous universities were invited to Jilin University’s Tang Aoqing’s Lecture, two were introduced as Tang Aoqing Distinguished Professors, and five professors, who come from the United States, Canada, and Japan, were introduced as academic backbones.

The Lecture Series of Basic Method of Bionic Research was successfully organized in 2013 and 2014, and Julian Vincent, who is the chairman of International Society of Bionic Engineering, is the leading professor. Besides, 4 foreign experts were invited to give series of lectures on the development of geothermal energy and the storage of carbon dioxide. Moreover, in order to bring in the latest foreign teaching concepts, contents and methods, our college employs chair professors to provide high quality lectures taught in English for postgraduates. 

Students Exchange

With the development of cooperation with foreign universities and institutions, our college provides more opportunities for students to study aboard. For the last four years, the college has sent 5% of students to go overseas to attend joint education, international conferences or learning tours, including 160 postgraduates and 21 undergraduates.

On the other hand, our college has cultivated more than 70 foreign students, who come from Tanzania, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and Mongolia, etc. Most of them are postgraduates and doctoral students, and some are senior scholars. Nowadays, as the college has four graduate programs can be imparted in English, it is more convenient for foreign students who want to study here. 

International Conferences and Academic Exchange

Recent years, CBAE has organized numbers of international conferences which provide exchange and cooperation platforms for domestic and international experts and scholars, and also increase our college’s international influence power. Moreover, Jilin University took the lead in establishing the international academic organization – the International Society of Bionic Engineering, which is a major milestone in the field of Bionic Engineering.

The international conferencesthat have been hold by BAEC from 2011 to 2015:

International Symposium on Polar and Earth Science and Exploration Project

International Academic Seminar on Design Concepts and Engineering Measures of Engineering Construction and Environment's Harmonious Development

Academic Symposium on Exploration, Development and Application of International Oil Shale

The Seventh International Academic Conference on Geological Resources and Engineering of Asia-Pacific Region

Asia Pacific Conference on International Ground Vehicle Systems

Sino-Russia Symposium on the Key Technology of Drilling Ultra Deep Well

International Agricultural Engineering and Bionic Engineering Symposium

2011 Agricultural Engineering International Symposium

2012 International Bionic Engineering Symposium

International Symposium on Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide

International Symposium on the Exploration of Hot Dry Rock Resource and Enhanced Geothermal Engineering

2013 Bionic Engineering International Conference

2013 The Application of Bionics Symposium

2015 International Workshop on Bionic Engineering (IWBE2015)

2015 Sino-Germany Bilateral Conference 

International Cooperation Platform and Project

International Cooperation Platform

Engineering Bionic International Technology Cooperation Base of MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology)

Introducing Talents Base of Geological Engineering Discipline (“111 projects”)

Introducing Talents Base of Bionic Engineering Discipline (“111 projects”)

International Scientific Cooperation Base of Underground New Energy Development and Geological Environment Restoration

Biological Agriculture and Bionic Engineering International Modal Base of Jilin University

International Cooperation Project:

International Cooperation and Exchange of the National Natural Science Foundation

EU the Seventh Framework Cooperation Programme

Sino-British Joint Program with British Royal Society

Key International Cooperative Project of MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology)

International Cooperation Project of Jilin Province

Key Project of MOE (Ministry of Education) on Hiring Foreign Experts

Libya Agricultural Ministry-Funded Project

American Energy Bureau Funded Project

Key Technology Cooperation Project on High Performance Drilling Tools System for Exploration of Deep Petrol and Gas


International Partners

Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Precise Agricultural Research Center of Russia Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization

Japan Tsukuba University

University of Kentucky

Indiana University

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Texas State University

Mongolia Agricultural University

Ukrainian Academy of Architecture

Israel AST Co. Ltd

Russia Tomsk Polytechnic University

Comprehensive Research Scientific Industry Center for Ultra Deep Well Drilling and Earth’s Interior

Russia Aquatic – Drill Pipe Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Russia Prospecting Institute

South Korea Yonsei University

University of Arizona’s Hydrology and Water Resource Department

University of Kentucky

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Canada Queen's University’s Department of Civil Engineering

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