CBAE Delegation Visited Kyoto University and University of Tsukuba in Japan

At the invitation of Kyoto University and University of Tsukuba, College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering sent six people delegation, headed by Prof. Yu Haiye, to visit the two universities.



On the visit to Kyoto University, Prof. Miyakawa Ko, head of the Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural Graduate School, met with the delegation, and Professor Kondo Naoshi from the Regional Environmental Science Department attended the meeting. Firstly, Prof. Miyakawa introduced the basic situation of Kyoto University and the Faculty of Agriculture, including the information of disciplines, research and teaching. And then Prof. Yu introduced the basic information of Jilin University and College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering as well. Prof. Miyakawa hoped to establish a cooperative relationship between the Faculty of Agriculture of Kyoto University and the Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering of Jilin University, and he submitted the draft cooperation agreement to the delegation. Prof. Yu also expressed the hope that Jilin University’s scientific research level and international influence could improve through the cooperation agreement and the deepen relationship in academic communication and students exchange between Jilin University and Kyoto University.

At Kyoto University, Jilin University’s delegation visited the laboratory and undertook academic exchange with Regional Environmental Science Department’s professors, including Prof. Kondo Naoshi, Prof. Nkajima, Prof. Iida Kunneku, Prof. Doi Katsuki, Prof. Miyazaka Jurosuke, and Prof. Murako Katsuhikosuke.

On the visit to University of Tsukuba, Jilin University’s delegation was warmly welcomed by Prof. Noguchi Ryo, Prof. Zhang Zhenya and Prof. Yamaguchi Chiharu who are from the Department of Life Environment of University of Tsukuba. Prof. Yu Haiye and Prof. Noguchi Ryo introduced their university’s basic situation and their college’s research areas and achievement separately. The two sides had in-depth exchange in interested areas, and discussed the fields and contents of cooperation. The delegation visited the laboratory of the Department of Life Environment, and invited Prof. Noguchi to our college next year.

This visit deepens the communication and cooperation in related disciplines between Jilin University and Kyoto University and University of Tsukuba, and creates opportunities to the future cooperation. It accesses a complete success.

Modified on 01 December 2016

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